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Aetna CVS merger faces one last challenge in New York

CVS and Aetna merger worth $69 billion is held up in New York by officials questioning the deal’s impact on drug costs and premiums.

Maternal death rates in the U.S. are the highest among developed nations

We are progressing towards a healthier society in the U.S. with technological advancements in healthcare through telehealth…

Department of Veteran Affairs allows private developers to create Digital Technology

The Department of Veteran Affairs is looking for outside innovators to update it’s health technology systems

Cardiac Arrest Survival Rate Can Be Increased From 0 To 40% With New ECPR Protocol

The partnership between the Columbus Division of Fire and Columbus-based The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has led to the development of a new CPR protocol. 

Recent Surveys Point Out Better Ways to Improve Patient-Provider Communication

When it comes to patient-provider communication recent studies indicate that there are a lot of issues that are needed to be solved.