Ketamine may ease depression in some cases but, it might not be safe

Ketamine clinics are springing up across the United States. Low, intravenous doses have been found to boost mood and curb suicidal thoughts.

Benzodiazepines carry significant risks, particularly for older adults.

When you sleep poorly or feel anxious, it is tempting to take pills to solve the challenge.

Doctors now need to take a closer look at the number of opioid pills they prescribe

False education and promotion from drug companies, reckless practices by many doctors, shockingly low availability and affordability of treatment programs for substance abuse.

FDA bans import of drugs from Chinese firm

In the patient care continuum, we also need to be cautious of the drugs that are prescribed to patients.

UW Medicine seeks to lower the risk of cancer transmission through transplanted organs

Patient engagement solutions and patient provider communication is vital for the progress of healthcare.