Top 5 ways to ethically use social determinants of health and wellbeing data

Social determinants of health and wellbeing play a vital role in care delivery, it is crucial for stakeholders to handle the data ethically and transparently to obtain better outcomes.

Medicaid tackles social determinants of health, but challenges lay ahead

State Medicaid programs are successful in deploying programs to address the social determinants of health, but are facing concerns about sustainable funding & community health partnership, as per the new research published in Health Affairs.

HHS OCR decides to reduce maximum civil penalties for HIPAA violations

The Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights has decided to reduce the annual limit of civil penalties applied to HIPAA violations for three of the four penalty tiers.

Value-based care and payment models are being implemented in 48 states, study shows

The study reveals that of the value-based care solutions initiatives implemented, half of them are multipayer in scope. While only four states have had little or no value-based payment activity.

Physicians generate $2.4 million for their hospitals

The cost of hiring and training new physicians is a major drain on hospitals, especially those with high turnover.