value based care

Value-based care and payment models are being implemented in 48 states, study shows

The study reveals that of the value-based care solutions initiatives implemented, half of them are multipayer in scope. While only four states have had little or no value-based payment activity.

U.S. health spending projected to grow $6 trillion by 2027

National health spending is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2027 and will grow 5.5 percent on average annually, according to federal estimates published in Health Affairs.

GAO study finds, poor more likely to go without medical care in states without Medicaid expansion

Even as value-based care solutions are becoming popular, some people don’t have access to necessary healthcare facilities.

The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell mentions that U.S. healthcare system contributes to a ballooning federal budget deficit

Healthcare system is improving with value based care solutions and patient engagement solutions. Yet healthcare is expensive in the U.S.

New kidney care companies intend to keep patients out of the dialysis chair

As value-based care is catching pace in the country, San Francisco-based Cricket Health, the tech-enabled kidney care provider has ambitious plans to disrupt the world of kidney care.