After listening to hospitals, surgeons, medical staff, post-acute providers, and patients,

we focused on the most complex problem to make healthcare better.


Engaging, monitoring, coordinating and collaborating

along a patient's care continuum is way too difficult and costly

for healthcare providers and patients.


Mission impossible.  Here we come. 

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Payers, Health Networks & Hospitals

Healthcare payers and hospitals want high quality healthcare and ways to lower costs to patients.  Employers, insurance companies, and government agencies are looking to value care and bundled payment models to quench this desire for lower healthcare costs.  

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Practices & healthcare providers 

Providers (Physicians, Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Physical Therapy and others) want an efficient and effective way to follow their patients, and make sure that patients are getting what they need along the way.  They want more time to provide care, and a better experience while performing that care. 

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Patients & patient Caregivers

Patients want to be better educated on their care, to feel more connected with their care providers, to receive better coordination between care providers, and to see the healthcare process adapt to their busy lives and schedules. 

These desires and different care models are causing significant pressures on hospitals and providers to better coordinate patient episodes of care.  

Lifecycle Health enables healthcare to provide patient and cost visibility to providers,

enable deep collaboration for multi-provider journeys, and

automate care coordination...


So everyone knows that the healthcare journey is

providing better and faster proactive care at lower costs.




Introducing the Lifecycle Health platform.  

Telehealth, Patient Engagement, Secure Messaging, Automated Provider Notifications, Automated Patient Monitoring, Outcomes, Analytics, and much much more...


The Lifecycle Health platform allows healthcare networks, physician practices, and downstream providers to remotely monitor, engage, and collaborate along the patient's continuum of care in order to save time, make money, and delight patients.


As patient care becomes more value-care or fixed-cost driven by payers,

these efficiencies are the difference to achieving fantastic care, and making your practice money.


Patient Care Continuum Tracking

If you want to achieve your patient episode cost goals -- you better be tracking your patients throughout the Care Continuum.

You probably won't achieve your cost or margin goals by adding Care Plan coordinators($$) to call patients and providers more often. That's not saving significant costs and it's not a realistic scaling of your care operations.

Utilize the Lifecycle Health platform to standardize patient episodes, and then track your patients at each "stop" along their care continuum, coordinate across providers, and scale up your care coordination operations.

  • Know when they are on or off-track of their plan, and if they need your help
  • Receive automated notifications when episodes are cost risks and off-target
  • Provide better quality of care for patients
  • Analyze your episodes at patient group level for care and cost success factors
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Telehealth Secure Video

Utilize the Lifecycle Health platform's telehealth features to engage in video eVisits as well as share images, pictures, and annotate images during key visits.

Remote telehealth visits can be from a patient's home, or in a local clinic environment for the patient with remote medical expertise available for the video visit. Available on both PC or laptop via internet browser, or via mobile phone or tablet technologies.

Telehealth eVisits are automatically tied to the patient record. Providers can also record the eVisits if desired.

  • Adds convenience for the patient
  • Enables better coverage for key medical staff and physicians rather than commuting between hospitals, and multiple clinics
  • Collaborate provider to provider along the patient's care path
  • Saves time, hassle, and allows you to see more patients
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Safely and securely exchange messages with your patients, or other care team providers. You can associate these digital conversations to the patient record automatically.

Send text messages, images, or pictures as well as annotate and share them safely and securely via mobile app or internet browser. Receive convenient notifications when a patient or another provider has sent you a message.

Enables quicker response and more convenient interactions for patients and providers allowing easy and mobile communications, while at the same time keeping control of your current care workflows without interuptions.

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Automated patient monitoring

You can create customized patient engagement surveys to monitor a patients progress, pain level, activities, and gather any feedback or problems along their continuum.

Designate the timing, frequency, and change the follow-up questions through your own customized care protocols based on your own criteria (procedure, patient demographic, recovery schedule, etc.).

Patients feel more confident knowing that you are with them along their recovery -- lowering readmission risks as well as increasing the quality of care, as well as your patient satisfaction scores.

Available on laptop via an internet browser, phone or tablet via browser or mobile app.

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Patient Engagement, Outcomes & Analytics

You can create customized patient engagement interactions to monitor a patients progress, pain level, activities, and gather any feedback or problems along their continuum.

You can utilize common industry and condition outcome surveys (HOOS, KOOS, VR-12, RAND-36, etc.), patient satisfaction surveys and more. You can't improve what you don't measure.

You can then analyze these outcomes and scores at a patient level, or analyze them across your patient group and segmentation populations.

See your patient's trend. See your patient population's trends. Powerful.


A software platform that enables change and your success.



Episode unique workflows, protocols, episode dashboard, and risk notifications



Securely access referral patient data, monitor patient progress in real-time, collaborate on patient issues, and identify episode risks proactively 



Treatment activity tracking, care team messaging and collaboration, alerts, multi-media education, and anytime/anywhere mobile access



Telehealth auto-attached to the patient record.  Secure patient and provider messaging and digital video visits.  Video eVisits in HD, share medical images, annotate in real-time, and collaborate with providers and patients.



Patient and episode outcomes, treatment compliance, care satisfaction, patient demographic, care team, and episode risk analytics



Pay as you go, cloud architected, and flexible, low entry costs

(secure, encrypted, HIPAA, no additional IT staff required)



Your revenue is now at risk for managing patient care quality and costs in value care models. 

You desire an effective way to broadly see patient episodes and episode costs in real-time, and a modern tool to enable your medical providers to be an effective team across the care continuum.  You want to be able to analyze your costs and outcomes.

Organizations that become effective at value based care will profit and lead.



You must provide more care with higher quality and lower costs, as well as effectively engage in care episodes. 

You desire effective tools and ways to broadly manage more patient episodes with less effort, engage patients, measure patient and episode outcomes, and monitor patient's across the continuum with other providers.

Providers that can perform more and better care for less and can prove it, will be successful and rewarded.



You demand better care coordination across providers, and a convenient and lower cost way to be engaged.

You desire and deserve a way to engage with your healthcare providers that is convenient and efficient for your life.  It should not be up to you to manage the multiple providers along the path to your wellness.

Patients will give loyalty and recommendations to others to providers that adapt and engage.  

Value-based care is changing everything.

The movement to a value-based care, or accountable-care, model requires an organization to manage the patient’s continuum of care across multi-providers effectively and efficiently.  It's basically a fixed-price payment model for a medical procedure and all related services for a period of time after discharge.  

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services(CMS) programs, such as Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) and Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR), are just the beginning.  Employers and payer organizations are also looking for and implementing ways to cap spending via ACO programs and bundled payment programs.  

These programs will continue to expand with the intent to significantly lower healthcare costs and improve quality to patients.  It's a significant wave of change for the healthcare system, and will place new models and pressures on healthcare systems and providers.


Lifecycle Health is leading the way to enable healthcare to take advantage of technology to make a difference.

We want to show you the future provider and patient experience.

Engage with us in a fantastic conversation about the future of healthcare and your care practice.

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