Osteoporosis drugs may lower mortality rates

Osteoporosis is an age-related condition and it makes bones frailer and more prone to fractures. This condition is more common among women but it affects men too.

Sussex program aims at reducing hospital readmissions for COPD patients

The state of Delaware, Sussex County and its EMS paramedic program, and Beebe Healthcare are aiming to launch a pilot program in which paramedics will make house calls so that hospital readmissions can be reduced & enhance quality of life among COPD patients.

Telehealth adoption among hospitals and health systems is on the rise - Is it True?

Telehealth software adoption among hospitals and health systems is on the rise. It has risen from 54% in 2014 to 85% in 2019.

Rural hospitals are closing at a rapid pace

Another option for both rural and urban residents is telemedicine & telehealth software that allows patients to connect with a doctor or nurse virtually using technology and without having to travel.

New digital inhaler for asthma patients receives FDA approval

The FDA has approved a combination therapy digital inhaler for treatment of asthma among patients aged 12 years and older.