Trump’s blueprint to combat rising drug costs

In a bold move President Trump unveiled the blue print of the plan to lower prescription drug prices. He proposes to bring down the costs at home by negotiating with other foreign countries to pay higher prices.

Adirondack Health receives 5-star CMS rating

Adirondack Health is now amongst the top 6 percent of hospitals nationwide in guiding patient’s experience. This rating comes from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Precision medicine moving towards more personalized care

Precision medicine is set to change many aspects of healthcare like shared decision making in the doctor-patient relationship, the privacy of patient data and confidentiality.

VA finalizes the federal rule to let providers practice across state lines

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has taken a step forward to provide healthcare across America. It has finalized the federal rule that allows providers to deliver patient care across different states.

Former CMS administrator forms VC firm focused at serving vulnerable populations

Andy Slavitt, former Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services administrator has created a venture capital firm, Town Hall Ventures. It aims at investing in healthcare technology and services companies that cater to the vulnerable populations.