Maryland proposes new rules for Telehealth Psychology and Therapy

Telehealth software have supported the treatment of mental health patients. The Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists rule permits therapists to conduct the initial patient evaluation via telehealth.

New CMS rule allows Medicare Advantage to offer Telehealth Services

The new rule will come to effect in the 2020 plan year and will allow Medicare Advantage to offer telehealth service as part of their basic benefit package.

Providers in South Carolina and Texas overcome telehealth challenges

Dr. David McSwain, chief medical information officer of the Medical University of South Carolina believes that many remain skeptical or opposed to the growth of telehealth.

Experts say, legal barrier restrict telehealth’s reach

Telehealth software and remote patient monitoring software can give patients access to healthcare.

Mental illness is the leading contributor to suicide according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our beloved celebrity chef and TV host, Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. Earlier Kate Spade died of suicide