patient provider communication

Physicians generate $2.4 million for their hospitals

The cost of hiring and training new physicians is a major drain on hospitals, especially those with high turnover.

The U.S. Home Healthcare Report: U.S. providers use telehealth to tap into home healthcare market

US health systems and hospitals are using telehealth as a tool to provide care into patients’ homes to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and tap into the home healthcare opportunity

Ascension SVP Tim Adams: The future of American healthcare

Ascension SVP Tim Adams shares his thoughts on the future of American healthcare industry.

Hospitals cull patients’ public data to check if they are donor worthy

Nonprofit hospitals are seeking donations from the patients by conducting wealth screenings- using software that culls public data.

Encouraging words from physicians significantly improve patients’ health outcomes

When physicians are warm and reassuring, health outcomes of patients may improve significantly, according to two social psychologists.