patient provider communication

Emphasizing medication adherence to patients vital for the success of treatment

There have been many advances in technology, packaging solutions and behavioral science to improve medication adherence. Here are some of those advancements and interventions.

Telemedicine program and VR technology to improve care management for dementia patients

Senior care facilities around US will take part in a telemedicine program that will use Virtual Reality technology to improve care management for dementia patients.

Most Americans availing to employer healthcare are still spending a fortune

Doctors, hospitals, & payors look for efficient & innovative ways to lower their costs. They aim at creating a better patient experience through innovative telehealth software.

Program that manages cancer risk with care coordination and patient management

Candace Westgate, MD realized the limits of care coordination and patient engagement programs for cancer risk-management and prevention only after encountering a patient testing positive for a cancer-causing genetic mutation.

Medicaid tackles social determinants of health, but challenges lay ahead

State Medicaid programs are successful in deploying programs to address the social determinants of health, but are facing concerns about sustainable funding & community health partnership, as per the new research published in Health Affairs.