Patient Engagement

Most Americans availing to employer healthcare are still spending a fortune

Doctors, hospitals, & payors look for efficient & innovative ways to lower their costs. They aim at creating a better patient experience through innovative telehealth software.

Program that manages cancer risk with care coordination and patient management

Candace Westgate, MD realized the limits of care coordination and patient engagement programs for cancer risk-management and prevention only after encountering a patient testing positive for a cancer-causing genetic mutation.

Mega mergers revolutionize patient – doctor communication

In the healthcare sector, the primary focus needs to be on the consumer i.e. the patient who visits a doctor with the trust and hope of being cured. But, with mega-mergers becoming common in the healthcare sector, the equation between the patient and doctor has changed drastically.

Latest Innovations To Make Life-Based Care In Chronic Patients More Efficient

Judy Murphy, the chief nursing officer at IBM recently came out with a statement that indicates that in the days to come life-based care in chronic patients will become more efficient.