Health industry launches initiatives aimed at social determinants of health

American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is a trade group and it has unveiled an initiative to address social determinants of health and wellbeing.

Regenstrief Institute announces pilot grant to use data for opioid crisis

With the announcement of this pilot funding, Regenstrief Institute will facilitate the advance innovative, data-driven ways to combat the challenge of opioid addiction.

Social determinants of health impact health outcomes: Is it true?

Also, study confirms that most patients have at least one social determinant of health and wellbeing (SDoH) challenge.

Opioid prescription drops among state workers

Every day, 115 Americans die due to opioid overdoses and about 40% of these deaths are due to overdoses of prescription drugs.

Congress considers pilot program to treat COPD patients through telehealth

Mike Kelly added that current law doesn’t qualify medical professionals to deliver disease management via telehealth services.