value based healthcare

Blue Cross in Texas wants to provide low cost healthcare

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas aims to do more than just pay healthcare bills. The state’s largest health insurer is getting in the provider business. It has goals to lower health costs, improve care and reach out to many Texans who don’t have insurance or medical home.

Atlantic Health System teams up with MedExpress to expand access to urgent care

As patients are getting access to better healthcare facilities through value-based healthcare, companies are contributing too by strategically merging to expand services to patients.

Treating mental illness

Michael Porter, the Harvard professor mentioned in his paper on “Value-Based Mental Health Care Delivery”, that value is the singular goal that can unite interests of all healthcare stakeholders.

American’s healthcare worries are loss of benefits and soaring costs

Despite the increasing importance of value-based healthcare, Americans are worried about healthcare.

NSAID increases risk for cardiovascular disease in osteoarthritis patients

Value-based health care is getting popular these days as providers are paid on the basis of patient health outcomes.