value based healthcare system

Methodist Charlton Medical Center designated as first trauma center in Southern Dallas

Hospitals are set on the path of further progress with the introduction of value-based healthcare system, telehealth etc.

Improving healthcare quality and patient experience

We are witnessing corporatization of healthcare for a decade, which has led to the cutting of costs and maximization of profits.

340B Savings from Drug Discount Program meant for low income patients pocketed by hospitals

Healthcare is progressing due to the value-based healthcare system, telehealth solutions, and patient engagement solutions.

New vaccine for cholera works faster than the disease spreads

Value-based healthcare system closely looks at the health challenges of patients and tries to cure them because it’s a delivery model in which providers are paid for helping patients to improve their health and live healthily.

Nurses contribute to EHR optimization

Healthcare organizations have spent a considerable amount of time working on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and have come to the conclusion that its implementation is only the beginning of a long and tough journey of optimization and data governance.