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Rural hospitals closing leaving millions without nearby healthcare

More than 20% of the nation’s rural hospitals, or 430 hospitals across 43 states, are near collapse. Rural hospitals are crucial for health care and also survival of their small communities. Infact 20% of America lives in a rural county. But, 113 rural hospitals across the country have closed since 2010, with 18% in Texas.

Telehealth helps school students with counseling services

Wisconsin Public Radio mentioned that telehealth services will be covered in the Lake Holcombe district by parent’s health insurance or Medicaid, making it easier for their kids to have it.

Most Americans availing to employer healthcare are still spending a fortune

Doctors, hospitals, & payors look for efficient & innovative ways to lower their costs. They aim at creating a better patient experience through innovative telehealth software.

Presidential candidate unveils telehealth-focused rural plan

Remote patient monitoring provides patients and providers the ability to track their health metrics, thus preventing hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Telehealth & remote patient monitoring will drive future of healthcare, says former Apple CEO

Health sensory technology has paved the way for remote patient monitoring and telehealth to dominate the future of healthcare, according to the former Apple CEO John Sculley.