Atlantic Health System teams up with MedExpress to expand access to urgent care

As patients are getting access to better healthcare facilities through value-based healthcare, companies are contributing too by strategically merging to expand services to patients. Atlantic Health System teams up with MedExpress to coordinate care between urgent care centers and integrated delivery system.

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Atlantic Health and MedExpress are planning to jointly operate and own 11 urgent care clinics. Amy Perry, senior vice president of integrated care delivery and CEO of Atlantic Health's hospital division said that the ultimate goal for the company is to deliver on their mission, which is to build healthier communities. Thus, they are planning to create an all-inclusive network that can be used for every health need throughout the continuum of care.

Patients visiting these clinics can also visit an Atlantic Health hospital or other facilities that are within the system just in case they need more specialized care than what is available at urgent care clinic. These 11 clinics will be an “extension” of services provided to Atlantic Health’s patients.

In the midst of the merger mania in the healthcare industry, many healthcare organizations are entering into strategic partnerships and alignments to extend better facilities plus broaden their capabilities without the need to fully merge or invest in new construction.