Health Policy

Trump signs new American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

President Donald Trump signed the new American AI Initiative, which calls for the federal government to give more importance to R&D for machine learning in healthcare and elsewhere.

Millennials and Generation Z have a problem with traditional health care system

Younger people in the U.S. are less likely than their parents and grandparents to find value in the traditional health care system.

Trump’s blueprint to combat rising drug costs

In a bold move President Trump unveiled the blue print of the plan to lower prescription drug prices. He proposes to bring down the costs at home by negotiating with other foreign countries to pay higher prices.

Trump says he has got rid of Obamacare but, reality is quite different

President Trump has assured his supporters that he has got rid of Obamacare. At a rally in Michigan, he said that the individual mandate that made it essential for most people to have health insurance or pay a penalty, has been repealed as per the Republican tax.

Federal, State & Locals Combined Efforts Can Combat Opioid Addiction; FDA Too Release New Guidelines Soon

Opioid addiction has now become a major cause of worry with the latest figures indicating that it is nothing short of an epidemic in America.