The U.S. Home Healthcare Report: U.S. providers use telehealth to tap into home healthcare market

US health systems and hospitals are using telehealth as a tool to provide care into patients’ homes to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and tap into the home healthcare opportunity

AI platform can identify and analyse symptoms of cancer patients

Scientists from the University of Surrey and the University of California have used artificial intelligence network to identify and analyze the symptoms of cancer patients.

Compliant to FTC accuses Facebook of exposing users’ sensitive health data in groups

A complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission accusing Facebook of misleading its users regarding the private nature of closed Facebook groups and exposing users’ sensitive health data

Trump signs new American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

President Donald Trump signed the new American AI Initiative, which calls for the federal government to give more importance to R&D for machine learning in healthcare and elsewhere.

Aetna, Anthem and IBM announce a new collaboration to leverage blockchain technology

Aetna, Anthem, HCSC, PNC Bank and IBM announced a new collaborative to leverage blockchain technology to improve interoperability and transparency in healthcare.