patient care software

Parents of baby treated for a nap and a bottle of formula billed $18000

It's true that patients are at the focal point in the healthcare sector with patient engagement solutions and patient care software.

Facebook, Google and other tech giants meet to tackle online opioid sales

Patient care software and telehealth software are facilitating healthcare but, technology poses its own challenges.

Department of Veteran Affairs allows private developers to create Digital Technology

The Department of Veteran Affairs is looking for outside innovators to update it’s health technology systems

Nurses contribute to EHR optimization

Healthcare organizations have spent a considerable amount of time working on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and have come to the conclusion that its implementation is only the beginning of a long and tough journey of optimization and data governance.

Former CMS administrator forms VC firm focused at serving vulnerable populations

Andy Slavitt, former Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services administrator has created a venture capital firm, Town Hall Ventures. It aims at investing in healthcare technology and services companies that cater to the vulnerable populations.