Former CMS administrator forms VC firm focused at serving vulnerable populations

Andy Slavitt, former Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services administrator has created a venture capital firm, Town Hall Ventures. It aims at investing in healthcare technology and services companies that cater to the vulnerable populations. Slavitt is joined by managing general partner of Oxeon Ventures, David Whelan and Oxeon Holdings founder Trevor Price.

Slavitt said that we are at the beginning of the wave of innovation serving Medicare and Medicaid populations. The creation of Town Hall basically takes a lead towards this massive and vital shift. He said that the solutions needn’t be traditional. They involve investing in underlying issues and towards innovative approaches in healthcare that improve people’s health and well-being.

Price said that their focus and passion is to identify talented entrepreneurs and guide them through the entire process of building a great company. The group believes that coming years will see more entrepreneurs with a mission to serve millions of people, whose present life can be improved through innovations that lead to receiving the best quality healthcare. This care can be available at home or in any other low cost and comfortable place.

Whelan mentioned their objective to become a catalyst and investing partner to encourage significant investment and entrepreneurial commitment to provide healthcare solutions for all Americans.