Patient care

Emphasizing medication adherence to patients vital for the success of treatment

There have been many advances in technology, packaging solutions and behavioral science to improve medication adherence. Here are some of those advancements and interventions.

Program that manages cancer risk with care coordination and patient management

Candace Westgate, MD realized the limits of care coordination and patient engagement programs for cancer risk-management and prevention only after encountering a patient testing positive for a cancer-causing genetic mutation.

6 key categories telemedicine can help increase access to patient care

Telehealth and telemedicine technologies are beneficial in providing up-to-date, timely and cost-effective care to resource-limited populations.

Detecting Mental Health Issues get a boost from Mobile Apps

Diagnosing mental health problems is challenging. But, today technology is assisting doctors in taking better care of patients. One such technological advancement is the Mindstrong Health’s app. A recent study published in NPJ Digital Medicine uses this app to analyze if smartphone habits can predict when mental health problems occur and the reason behind their occurrences.

Study on Effectiveness of Custom Foot Orthosis

It is believed that custom foot orthotics improve foot functions when it is inserted into shoes to give relief to patients with foot abnormalities. There has been a lot of discussion about how effective is foot orthoses to treat plantar heel pain?