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Telemedicine helps rural patients facing mental health issues

Rural hospitals are turning to telemedicine, especially for mental health services. Rural areas are hit hard as they don’t have access to mental health services but, telemedicine provides a solution to these challenges.

First long distance heart surgery performed via precision vascular robot

Dr. Patel said that the application of telerobotics for remote treatment has the potential to impact a significant number of lives by making specialized care available to patients that may not be otherwise possible.

Telemedicine program and VR technology to improve care management for dementia patients

Senior care facilities around US will take part in a telemedicine program that will use Virtual Reality technology to improve care management for dementia patients.

Rural hospitals are closing at a rapid pace

Another option for both rural and urban residents is telemedicine & telehealth software that allows patients to connect with a doctor or nurse virtually using technology and without having to travel.

Telemedicine project tackles hepatitis C virus and substance abuse treatment

A federally funded project in New York that tests the value of telemedicine in treating patients battling substance abuse and hepatitis C virus (HCV) is expanding, following promising results.