Maternal death rates in the U.S. are the highest among developed nations

We are progressing towards a healthier society in the U.S. with technological advancements in healthcare through telehealth, provider engagement software, patient engagement software, etc. But, surprisingly an investigation by USA Today reveals that the U.S. is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth, with more than 50,000 mothers suffering severe injuries, during or after childbirth and about 700 mothers dying.

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Atleast half of these deaths could be prevented with better care. Hospitals and healthcare workers don’t take timely steps when something goes wrong. Only California has implemented a system of safety practices to reduce maternal death and injury rates so death rates have fallen by half, while in the rest of the country they have increased.

USA Today found that the top two complications during childbirth are hypertension and hemorrhaging (extreme blood loss). 60% of deaths are caused by hypertension; blood pressure over 160/110, and 90% are caused by hemorrhaging; these deaths can be prevented if action is taken earlier. These actions include administering medications earlier and measuring blood loss accurately during and after delivery.

Protocol for women having high blood pressure calls for treatment within 60 minutes. But only 31 hospitals told USA Today they follow this protocol.