Electronic Health Records

Genevieve Morris, CHIO of the Veteran Affairs’ Office of EHR Modernization stepped down

Genevieve Morris, stepped down from her role as chief health information officer of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tackling waste in healthcare with technological innovation

U.S. healthcare industry wastes an estimated $1 trillion each year by way of spending on excessive administrative costs and frauds

Apple launches Health Record API for developers to facilitate healthcare

Benefits of telehealth have been widely accepted. Going a step further to help patients better manage their care.

Nurses contribute to EHR optimization

Healthcare organizations have spent a considerable amount of time working on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and have come to the conclusion that its implementation is only the beginning of a long and tough journey of optimization and data governance.

EHR challenges find solution in Natural Language Processing NLP Voice Tools

Tools and applications used in the healthcare industry are now powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Though, some providers have used these additions since long but, may not have realized it.