EHR challenges find solution in Natural Language Processing NLP Voice Tools

Tools and applications used in the healthcare industry are now powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Though, some providers have used these additions since long but, may not have realized it.

Voice recognition tools are used to dictate reports and clinical notes into EHR. Now, they have become a vital technology for providers in certain diagnostic disciplines like radiology and pathology. Its evident that speech-to-text applications are being used widely and are popular among clinicians working in the inpatient setting and primary care.

Such applications use Natural Language Processing (NLP), a type of machine, which turns sound into text. Machine learning is also used to understand the meaning of the data within the text, like the name of the medicine or the number of doses. Its believed that NLP tools can be game changers while interacting with Electronic Health Record (EHR).

R. Hal Baker, MD, Chief Information Officer and Senior VP of Clinical Improvement at WellSpan throws light on this aspect. He says that voice recognition is set to move EHR from its basic function of documentation to communication tool while practicing medical care.

Voice tools and NLP ensure that healthcare providers convey meaning and context of English language in a comprehensive manner without falling prey to the challenges that the use of EHR poses.