MemoryMD receives approval for its wearable EEG system

MemoryMD which works towards improving the quality of healthcare services, has received FDA clearance for a disposable 19-channel EEG headset, named as NeuroCap. They have also received an approval for a wireless amplifier, which is worn around the arm. This device transmits to computers and cloud-based databases via Bluetooth.

Now, the company has plans to launch the full offering, which will be convenient for healthcare providers to treat patients at the point of care.

Abdus-Salaam Muwwakkil, chief quality officer at MemoryMD, has mentioned that the EEG solutions that are available in the market today are not exactly obsolete but, there are better ways of deploying it. With NeuroCap, the focus is to make the product available to critical areas of hospitals like the emergency wards or ICUs. The aim is to also provide access to EEG for first line nurses and medical assistants along with doctors.

Traditional EEGs need trained and specialized technician to administer and trained neurologist to interpret. Muwwakkil said that acute patients needing the screen are kept waiting. Some might just not receive this test due to inconvenience and not have their neurological diseases diagnosed.

With an easy-to-use option the frequency of missed cases could potentially be limited.