The decision to not vaccinate comes from fear and misinformation

Patient engagement solutions help to better reach and engage patients. But, it’s difficult to battle misconceptions about vaccination.

Patents granted to Walmart and Amazon could take biometric monitoring to a new level

Technology has led to many changes in healthcare. Telehealth software, patient communication software and patient engagement solutions have helped healthcare considerably.

Senate passes a new bill to expand telemedicine service to people with opioid abuse disorder

Telehealth software impact patient provider communication. Also, it has a major impact on how patients are treated.

3 Strategies to help opioid use disorder patients access specialized treatment

Behavioral health services are provided to patients who have behavioral problems like substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental instability, physical and emotional abuse.

Experts say, legal barrier restrict telehealth’s reach

Telehealth software and remote patient monitoring software can give patients access to healthcare.