substance abuse

Cases of heart infections tied to opioid epidemic on a rise

During these 14 years studied, researchers found that the prevalence ratio for drug-abuse-related heart infections almost doubled in the United States, from 8% to 16%.

Spike in rare spine infections among drug users

Louisville-based physicians have observed a spike in osteomyelitis cases among heroin and other IV drug users.

As America faces drug addiction crisis, spiritual first responders hit the streets

United States of America faces a severe drug addiction crisis but, there are ways to combat it.

Doctors now need to take a closer look at the number of opioid pills they prescribe

False education and promotion from drug companies, reckless practices by many doctors, shockingly low availability and affordability of treatment programs for substance abuse.

Senate passes a new bill to expand telemedicine service to people with opioid abuse disorder

Telehealth software impact patient provider communication. Also, it has a major impact on how patients are treated.