remote patient monitoring software

Presidential candidate unveils telehealth-focused rural plan

Remote patient monitoring provides patients and providers the ability to track their health metrics, thus preventing hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Telehealth & remote patient monitoring will drive future of healthcare, says former Apple CEO

Health sensory technology has paved the way for remote patient monitoring and telehealth to dominate the future of healthcare, according to the former Apple CEO John Sculley.

Providers in South Carolina and Texas overcome telehealth challenges

Dr. David McSwain, chief medical information officer of the Medical University of South Carolina believes that many remain skeptical or opposed to the growth of telehealth.

Apple plans to work with VA to put veterans’ health records on their iPhones

Remote health monitoring system is one of the best ways to facilitate communication between patients and doctors.

Many dietary supplements contain risky and dangerous stimulants

Remote patient monitoring software assist patients in getting access to better healthcare.