The decision to not vaccinate comes from fear and misinformation

Patient engagement solutions help to better reach and engage patients. But, it’s difficult to battle misconceptions about vaccination. Some people claim that vaccines cause ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, autoimmune diseases, infertility and sudden infant death syndrome.

They are concerned about the well-being of their children. Their decision of not vaccinating their children is driven by fear and misinformation.

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Tetanus cases have declined more than 95% and deaths from tetanus have declined more than 99% in the United States, since 1947 due to vaccination. Tetanus is a serious disease with 13.2% mortality rate. There are approximately 30 cases of tetanus reported in the United States, which occur in people who aren’t vaccinated.

Vaccination triggers the immune response in the human body to protect it from disease-causing microorganisms. Its true that vaccines do have side effects. But, the benefits of vaccination outweigh their side effects.

Vaccinations prevent adults and children from serious diseases such as measles, tetanus, measles, diphtheria and meningitis with high burdens of morbidity and mortality.

Some young Americans are oblivious to the serious diseases that are prevented by systematic vaccination of the public. Since, most of them were vaccinated, they almost haven’t witnessed anyone suffering from these serious diseases.