Researchers develop blood test to determine patients’ severity of pain

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis have developed a blood test that can determine a patient’s pain severity..

Millennials and Generation Z have a problem with traditional health care system

Younger people in the U.S. are less likely than their parents and grandparents to find value in the traditional health care system.

Walgreens stores sold tobacco products to minors, FDA says

The FDA is putting Walgreens “on notice” for allegedly selling tobacco products to minors at 1,397 of its stores.

Screening for social problems now an integral part of providing good medical care

Addressing social determinants of health is being recognized as an integral part of providing good medical care.

Chronic pain stated as the main reason for using medical Marijuana

Chronic pain is the most common reason people mention while enrolling in state-approved medical marijuana programs.