Improving healthcare quality and patient experience

We are witnessing corporatization of healthcare for a decade, which has led to the cutting of costs and maximization of profits. This is what Dr. Suneel Dhand, physician, author and speaker believes. He says that this approach hasn’t benefitted the patients at all. This can be seen every day in hospitals and clinics due to departmental mergers, loss of personal touch and staff cuts. Healthcare seems to be progressing with improving patient-provider communication, value-based healthcare, telehealth software, etc. But, healthcare is following factory-like processes and patients are losing due to this approach.


We need to improve healthcare quality and patient experience. Dr. Dhand says that he is optimistic about healthcare coming full circle over the next few years. Everyone is eventually going to realize that excessive administrative C-suite approach focusing only on the bottom line at the expense of patient experience is not going to sustain.

He suggests that patients can give an online feedback and write reviews if they come across suboptimal service. It's far more effective than verbal feedback to someone who may not be able to understand your concerns. You can be polite and firm while communicating your message. No company likes a negative feedback and no organization can ignore one.