Future trends for data crunching in healthcare

Judy Hanover, director of a strategic initiative for Healthcare at Pure Storage, talks about trends for data crunching.

70-80% of healthcare data is unstructured. Attacking big data without getting into unstructured data is impossible. Unstructured data is increasing at an exponential rate. Dealing with that and pulling it out in an analytics platform, starting to leverage that data as an asset is a priority for most health systems.

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For most of the health systems, the hardest part is text analytics, which has the potential to benefit from care, disease management or population health. Working with technology partners, having clear strategies and goals will help manage the data better and will make sure that it will be directed towards decision making.

We are seeing exhilaration of analytics; may it be conventional or the neuro techniques and technologies. We see big data analytics stack trickle into conventional analytics to move it into real time. So, for a lot of health systems moving away from batched, overnight new real things to bring things where they can create value for decision making at the point of care is a priority. Whether they are attaching new data approaches and new database structure in a big data environment or putting big data infrastructure behind more traditional analytics, it's starting to bring results.