Health industry launches initiatives aimed at social determinants of health

American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is a trade group and it has unveiled an initiative to address social determinants of health. This initiative is called Project Link and is a part of a directive from AHIP’s board of directors.

The directive seeks attention from health insurers to treat social barriers of health as the most important aspect to improve health and financial security in the industry.

Under Project Link, health insurers will collaborate on housing, healthy eating, transportation solutions, and other projects related to social determinants of health. New programs that are created though Project Link will be scalable. They will measure outcome and affordability metrics.

AHIP has plans to use Project Link as a base for its research and policy agendas both at the state and federal levels.

Matt Eyles, president and CEO of AHIP said at a press briefing at the AHIP Institute & Expo in Nashville, Tenn that this project is an important initiative because it represents an industry’s commitment to address social determinants of health and how they can make a significant difference.

Eyles also said that the project took shape and was initiated in part by AHIP’s Board of Directors, which includes representatives from many of the country’s largest insurers.

AHIP works with executives on the board to shape long-term strategic goals for the organizations. So, Eyles said that board chair and Cigna CEO David Cordani stated that the social determinants as an issue should be the key focus.

AHIP has created a hub website that will offer data, case studies and research on the social determinants to be able to facilitate those discussions. Project Link will assist insurers in making new connections to community and provider organizations to launch new initiatives.