Regenstrief Institute announces pilot grant to use data for opioid crisis


Regenstrief Institute will be hosting a pilot grant program. It will solicit ideas for how to use data to solve the opioid crisis. This was announced by the organization at its Opioid Collaboratory. The institute will solicit ideas from stakeholders on how to use data to combat the opioid crisis.

During a meeting of nearly 100 health data experts, industry leaders spoke about how to leverage the data available in the Indiana Addiction Data Commons (IADC), a resource that provides a streamlined way for researchers to access both clinical and non-clinical elements that have been in silos of various organizations.

Regenstrief is offering initial funding opportunities for researchers to unravel the potential of the data. This pilot grant program aims to facilitate data collection and integration efforts.

It will select awardees based on their ability to advance research centered around the opioid crisis, and on the prospective ability to generate extramural funding. The basis of their decision will depend on whether research questions and approach fit with current IADC datasets.

Awardees will be able to partner with subject matter experts to discern their specific data needs and answer their research queries. In order to support their research efforts, awardees can access the wealth of data within the IADC.

The IADC is a collaboration among Regenstrief, the Polis Center, and State Management Performance Hub (MPH), and other organizations. It is funded by the Indiana University Addictions Grand Challenge. 

With the announcement of this pilot funding, Regenstrief Institute will facilitate the advance innovative, data-driven ways to combat the challenge of opioid addiction.

This pilot funding is open to any Indiana University researcher. The deadline to submit is August 1, 2019.