Coffee lowers the risk of Atherosclerosis!

Coffee is consumed by people all around the world. It has always been a subject of debate whether coffee puts us at risk of heart attack and stroke. Recently, some researchers have studied this aspect in detail.

A study conducted by Medical News Today reveals that coffee consumption leads to 70% reduction in liver disease. Other research shows that coffee lowers risk of heart attack and stroke.

A study conducted at the University of São Paulo in Brazil revealed that consuming three cups of coffee each day will have positive results. It may lower the risk of atherosclerosis- clogged arteries. Atherosclerosis is caused due to an accumulation of plaque in arteries leading to narrowing of arteries. This causes heart disease and stroke. One of the substances present in plaque is calcium.

Few studies probed into the effects of coffee on calcium accumulation in coronary arteries. This link is studied by Dirce M. Marchioni, of University of São Paulo’s School of Public Health and his colleagues. They have put together the data of 4,426 adults with the age of 50 years on average. This study was conducted on adults living in São Paulo, Brazil. The study revealed that those who consume at least three cups of coffee daily are at lesser risk of suffering from coronary calcification.

But, further, they also shared that this association is true for adults who had never smoked. It may be possible that the harmful effects of smoking negate the benefits of coffee. Though researchers mentioned clearly that the study is observational so it can’t prove cause and effect of coffee consumption and calcification of arteries.