Westmoreland Police extends help to get people off drugs and into treatment

Substance abuse is a major issue faced by Americans and the Westmoreland Police is doing its bit to combat the issue. The Westmoreland Police is helping people to get into treatment from addiction. Chief Ray Amalfitano said that if someone has an issue or a problem, its not a crime – that’s a call for help.

Amalfitano shared that the police officers decided to begin this program as several residents raised concern about few resources to get people into rehabilitation program.

He also said that opioid and methamphetamine addiction are major challenges that the community faces. He thinks the reason behind it is that Westmoreland is surrounded by municipalities. He believes that those people who struggle with addiction, should first admit they have a problem before police will help connect them to treatment. Police will not ask questions or arrest them.

At the same time, the department is actively working to find and arrest individuals selling drugs in Westmoreland.

The Sumner Anti-Drug Coalition and Will Taylor of Tennessee Lifeline Peer Project help the department to get people into treatment. The Sumner County Sheriff's Office works with the department to combat the selling of illegal drugs.