AMA considers endorsing in-person importation of drugs from Canada

Social determinants of health need to be considered while taking decisions on healthcare. American Medical Association (AMA) is considering to endorse a proposal that will allow Americans to purchase medicine from Canada in person as a solution to lowering prescription drug prices. The proposal was first explored at an AMA meeting last year. It comes at a time when the Trump administration thinks over personal importation as a solution to the high cost of drugs in the U.S.

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The AMA Council on Medical Services mentioned in a report, recommending the proposal that the AMA would only support legislation that would allow personal purchase and importation of prescription drugs, obtained directly from a licensed Canadian pharmacy, only if such drugs are for personal use and of a limited quantity.

The council is not supporting online ordering. Though the Council said that importing drugs from Canada is not a sustainable, long-term solution to addressing the unaffordability of some prescription drugs. It said the practice may offer a relief in the meantime for some patients.