Ascension SVP Tim Adams: The future of American healthcare

Ascension SVP Tim Adams shares his thoughts on the future of American healthcare industry. He believes that the healthcare industry is going through a transformation as patients seek high-quality, affordable care with the same ease of access that they have grown accustomed to in other aspects of their lives.

In this new environment, providers will have to meet or exceed patients’ expectations for convenience, without diminishing care quality or widening disparities in healthcare. Consider the shift to “everywhere” care; providers now offer medical services not just in traditional physician’s office and hospital setting. Providers reach the consumers where they live and work.

One promising aspect of everywhere care is virtual care or telehealth. Infact, telehealth software solutions are getting popular among patients. The use of video conferencing technology can have a positive impact in myriad situations. But for patients and providers to realize the benefits of virtual care, strong focus on quality is vital.

Another trend in the shift to greater access and convenience for healthcare consumers is micro-hospitals. These micro-hospitals are smaller than traditional hospitals. They are fully equipped to provide a wide variety of emergency and other medical services.

Micro-hospitals should be used to provide care, at high standards to patients who might not be able to access medical services.