mHealth Platforms to tackle multiple chronic conditions

Anxiety and depression

Mobile health (mHealth) companies focusing on one chronic condition are now expanding their connected health platforms to treat other health issues.

Omada Health is a digital therapeutics company, which focuses on obesity-related chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.  This week it announced a new cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs for people dealing with depression and anxiety.

Carolyn Bradner Jasik, MD, Omada’s Vice President of Medical Affairs said that the unmet need for evidence-based mental health care is enormous especially among people with obesity-related chronic disease. Depression and anxiety are barriers to healthy behaviors including medication adherence, optimal nutrition and seeking timely preventive care. With the cognitive behavioral therapy curriculum, we can extend full support to participants as they manage their conditions and through the digital platform, it can be scaled up.

A large number of Americans are suffering from more than one chronic condition thus, putting the pressure on healthcare providers to come up with care management platforms that address various issues. Infact, many of these health issues are interconnected.

Telehealth and mHealth providers, are now expanding their care platforms to address more issues, thus appealing to a much larger population.

Remote health monitoring systems also help patients to get immediate guidance from healthcare providers.