remote health monitoring

Benefits of the growing remote patient monitoring market

Remote health monitoring system is a healthcare delivery system that is driven by technology in order to monitor patient’s health, outside the traditional clinical setting.

Rural hospitals are closing at a rapid pace

Another option for both rural and urban residents is telemedicine & telehealth software that allows patients to connect with a doctor or nurse virtually using technology and without having to travel.

Telehealth & remote patient monitoring will drive future of healthcare, says former Apple CEO

Health sensory technology has paved the way for remote patient monitoring and telehealth to dominate the future of healthcare, according to the former Apple CEO John Sculley.

AI platform can identify and analyse symptoms of cancer patients

Scientists from the University of Surrey and the University of California have used artificial intelligence network to identify and analyze the symptoms of cancer patients.

mHealth Platforms to tackle multiple chronic conditions

Mobile health (mHealth) companies focusing on one chronic condition are now expanding their connected health platforms to treat other health issues.