NIH awards NYU $65 million to study how environmental factors influence children’s health

In the patient care continuum quality of healthcare extended to patients is vital. Research contributes in improving the quality of healthcare.

The National Institutes of Health awarded more than $65 million to New York University over the span of next five years to research how environmental factors influence children's health.

This funding is part of a seven-year NIH initiative named as the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes. NYU received these funds as an extension of a nearly $15 million award it received two years ago.

NYU will use these funds to support two longitudinal studies conducted by NYU researchers. The study will examine the impact on environmental health factors, such as exposure to stress or air pollution on a child’s health and development.

Leonardo Trasande, MD, associate professor in pediatrics, environmental medicine and population health at NYU School of Medicine said that the NYU will continue their leadership in children’s environmental health through the ECHO program.

These studies will make a considerable contribution in identifying the impact of chemical as well as other environmental factors on child development. The ECHO program will develop a roadmap for communities, families and government officials to ensure a healthy future for American’s children.