Innovative methods necessary to fight hackers who are continuously introducing attack methods

Telehealth software, patient communication software and other technology-based healthcare solutions are a boon. But, the healthcare security arena is constantly in a flux. May it be ransomware or phishing attacks, hackers have continuously targeted the healthcare sector. The attack vector keeps shifting, but the fact remains that security must keep developing and innovating to combat attacks on security to keep pace with hackers.

SentinelOne a security firm has revealed in its report that 2018 saw less ransomware than in the previous year. Fileless attacks have increased by 94%. There are three major ransomware breaches that were witnessed over the summer.

Apart from this, according to Symantec, 10% more organizations reported a breach in 2017 than the previous year. David Finn, CynergisTek Executive Vice President of strategic innovation says that the threat environment- the vectors, the types of attacks, the sources, and the actors are always changing. One has to keep an eye and be vigilant about the threats, where they are headed, the latest movements, developments and trends.

The top threats to healthcare sector are insider breaches. May it be opening a malicious email or intentionally snooping on patient records, employees are a risk when they aren’t properly trained.