American’s healthcare worries are loss of benefits and soaring costs

Despite the increasing importance of value-based healthcare, Americans are worried about healthcare. Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals that Americans have listed healthcare as a vital problem facing their country. Let us discuss a bit more about the study.

65% of Americans mentioned during the poll that they are “very concerned” about the overall cost of health insurance, which includes deductibles, copays, and premium. Nearly three in four Americans use prescription drugs. 58% revealed that they are “very concerned” about the cost factor and how they are going to pay for these drugs.

Their concern is valid as these drugs are expected to see fastest annual growth over the decade and will see an average rise of 6.3% per year as noted by U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

66% of U.S. adults who were part of this survey mentioned that they were concerned if they will be able to consult a doctor of their choice in the future.

One in three U.S. adults said that they were “very concerned” if they will lose benefits from government-run programs; Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare enrolment is set to increase as baby-boomers will reach their retirement age, as noted by CMS projections, contributing to the growing healthcare spending.