Technology giants’ big goals for healthcare

Technology is majorly impacting the healthcare sector by including patients in the process of curing through patient engagement. But, how have big technology companies been contributing towards healthcare?

The Medical Futurist looks into the healthcare ambitions of big technology companies:

  1. Microsoft could take on AI: Microsoft started a healthcare division based in its Cambridge research hub. It is exploring health applications for AI.
  2. Siri from Apple could be turned into a medical chat bot: FDA cleared the first medical device accessory for the Apple Watch. Then the company started studying heart monitoring feature for the smartwatch. Apple brought health records to iPhone users. So, it might turn Siri into a medical chat bot, which will alert you if something is wrong.
  3. Amazon might compete with pharma: It was studying possibilities of selling prescription drugs on its platform. Some suggest that it could turn its AI powered Alexa into a “digital doctor”.
  4. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase intend to form a joint healthcare company to cut healthcare costs for U.S. employees.
  5. Alphabet has backed roughly 60 health related enterprises since it came into existence in 2009 – ranging from genetics to telemedicine.