Telehealth combats the challenge of psychiatrist shortage for Impower

Remote health monitoring system has certainly contributed in bettering healthcare outcomes. Florida-based Impower was a small behavioral health agency that focused on home-based and school-based care for people in the child welfare system. The services of behavioral health provider organization were limited, provider shortages were severe and wait times were over two months for new patients to receive initial treatment.

President and CEO Anna Baznik realized that something had to change if the organization had to survive. She said getting providers was a tough task and there just wasn’t anyone.

So, Baznik hired Amy-Erin Blakely, now vice president of behavioral health, as an emerging business consultant with the aim of developing and launching a telehealth program within Impower as an answer to the provider shortage.

Impower was able to deliver hard-to-locate providers in underserved areas and populations by using technology to provide virtual care. Initially, the patients would be able to present to a nearby facility or physician’s office and connect via telemedicine without having to travel a considerable distance. It was designed especially for psychiatric treatment.

As time passed by, the vision evolved. Now patients can remain at home to connect with the remote provider, and the services are expanded to therapy, case management and more.