Top Trends in Orthopedic Surgery To Watch Out For In 2018

The present orthopedics surgery department makes use of various new technologies and surgical techniques that are highly different from those used almost a decade ago. Statistics suggest that in 2007, 600,000 knee replacement surgeries were conducted in the USA and the number is constantly increasing by 1.5 million every year. With the Computer-based technology becoming an integral part of all types of healthcare systems, the orthopedic surgeries are further expected to reach new levels of improvements with the use of optimized manual tools.

Changes Expected In Orthopedic Surgery

The new trends in orthopedic surgery will increase the durability of joint implants and encourage faster recovery time for invasive surgeries thereby improving the overall patient experience. The various types of surgeries expected to become popular this year will be conducted using volumetric imaging, Kinematic Assessment, Fluoroscopic techniques and more.

One technique that already is gaining a lot of attention in the orthopedic world is nerve ablation which is especially used to treat low back pain. Clinical trials have proved it to be an extremely safe and effective treatment. It is more invasive as compared to the normal procedures that are currently being used.

Touch Surgery is another trend in the orthopedic surgery that allows a surgeon to perform his operations in a virtual environment on a virtual patient. This process aims to provide easy access to high-quality surgical care globally without compromising on the conditions of the real patients. Virtual operations help the surgeons get a good practice of performing a different type of orthopedic surgeries including joint replacement, spine, shoulder, and wrist and hand surgery.