Recent news updates on major health IT companies

Telehealth software provide better healthcare solutions to patients and health IT companies are working towards bettering healthcare outcomes.

Here are 5 recent new updates on major health IT and technology companies:

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  1. In a move that expands its presence in the healthcare space, Amazon is selling software that mines patient health records for information that would help physicians improve treatments and hospitals cut costs.

  2. Apple and the Department of Veteran Affairs are in talks to allow veterans to store their health records in their iPhones.

  3. Quest Diagnostics is now supporting Apple’s health records feature, making it the second clinical testing laboratory to join the project.

  4. Meditech integrated a prescription pricing tool from e-prescribing and medication management solutions provider DrFirst into its newest EHR, a web-based platform called Expanse.

  5. The National Institutes of Health is partnering with technology company Nvidia to create Artificial Intelligence tools that supports clinical trials.

  6. Verily, Alphabet’s life sciences arm, paused one of its first research projects- contact lenses that measure a diabetic patient’s glucose levels.

  7. Microsoft released an open-source project called FHIR Server for Azure to assist developers in exchanging and managing healthcare data stored on the company’s cloud.