NSAID increases risk for cardiovascular disease in osteoarthritis patients

Value-based health care is getting popular these days as providers are paid on the basis of patient health outcomes.

New vaccine for cholera works faster than the disease spreads

Value-based healthcare system closely looks at the health challenges of patients and tries to cure them because it’s a delivery model in which providers are paid for helping patients to improve their health and live healthily.

U.S. firms gear up to battle rising healthcare costs

With the advent of technological advancements like telehealth software, patient engagement software and other additions, patients are availing of better facilities

Patients harmed by medical device breaches

Technology has pioneered changes in the field of healthcare, especially with telehealth products. There are significant benefits of telehealth solutions.

The past flu season was the deadliest for U.S. kids

Healthcare sector has witnessed innovative tools to cure and prevent diseases like telehealth software, value-based healthcare solutions, patient engagement software, etc.