We are a ‘higher calling’ to improve the U.S. healthcare system: Premier CEO Susan DeVore

Government cannot fix the challenges in healthcare, nor can the insurance companies.

Researchers develop blood test to determine patients’ severity of pain

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis have developed a blood test that can determine a patient’s pain severity..

Adolescents using cannabis are at increased risk for depression

Adolescents using cannabis are at an increasing risk of depression and are more likely to attempt suicide in adulthood.

Trump signs new American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

President Donald Trump signed the new American AI Initiative, which calls for the federal government to give more importance to R&D for machine learning in healthcare and elsewhere.

Millennials and Generation Z have a problem with traditional health care system

Younger people in the U.S. are less likely than their parents and grandparents to find value in the traditional health care system.