Fat transfer to the dorsum of the foot can change lives of patients

Patients who cannot walk pain free now have a solution. Fat transfer to the dorsum of the foot is being widely discussed in the podiatry field. Fillers have made a difference in patients’ lives. For patients who could not walk pain-free and surgery wasn’t a great idea for them, fat transfer seems to be a better choice.

Mayo Clinic filters data for ICU physicians

Critical care units are highly sensitive units and doctors have to be careful of small errors as they can result in bigger life costing consequences. Electronic Health Records are complex and encompass a huge amount of data; out of which significant points are difficult to filter.

Latest Innovations To Make Life-Based Care In Chronic Patients More Efficient

Judy Murphy, the chief nursing officer at IBM recently came out with a statement that indicates that in the days to come life-based care in chronic patients will become more efficient.