Case Western Reserve University are eliminating drug resistant infections without antibiotics

Patient engagement solutions are improving and lead to the provision of better healthcare service to patients.

GAO study finds, poor more likely to go without medical care in states without Medicaid expansion

Even as value-based care solutions are becoming popular, some people don’t have access to necessary healthcare facilities.

San Francisco Mayor pledges to open drug injection site despite veto

Behavioral Health Services should have a wider reach. Thus, driven by personal tragedy, San Francisco Mayor, London Breed has pledged to open what could be the first supervised drug injection site in the country.

Communicating value and connectivity leads to the success of digital health tools

Adopting technology can encourage stronger patient-provider communication. Challenges of adopting new technology loom across every industry and healthcare is no exception.

The decision to not vaccinate comes from fear and misinformation

Patient engagement solutions help to better reach and engage patients. But, it’s difficult to battle misconceptions about vaccination.