Amazon selects longtime executive to lead pharmacy business

Amazon has chosen Nader Kabbani, a 14-year company veteran, to run its new pharmacy business.

Five things to know:

1. Mr. Kabbani will look after Amazon’s pharmacy business, including PillPack, which is the online pharmacy startup that Amazon purchased last year. The team at PillPack will be reporting directly to Mr. Kabbani.

2. Mr. Kabbani has a vast experience in supply chain and logistics, but no background in pharmaceuticals or healthcare. Prior to this assignment, he served as vice president of Amazon Flex, which hires individuals to make deliveries on a flexible schedule and oversees parts of Amazon’s last-mile delivery strategy.

3. He is best known for his work on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. It is a platform that enables authors to self-publish digital and printed books. He also served as vice president of Amazon’s logistics business.

4. Mr. Kabbani now holds the title of "vice president of consumables, special products.”

5. Mr. Kabbani's appointment implies that Amazon is placing one of its most ambitious projects in the hands of a trusted company executive.